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Registered: 01/12/09
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YOU READ IT HERE FIRST: An incident on the New Jersey Turnpike involving two Bergen County Police Department officers and a trooper has New Jersey State Police calling for county authorities to investigate, CLIFFVIEW PILOT has learned.

“Our review shows that we can be proud of the way our officers reacted,” a State Police officer with direct knowledge of the incident told CLIFFVIEW PILOT while this story was being researched. “We can’t say the same for the other guys.”

The entire incident was recorded by the trooper’s dashcam, multiple sources confirmed. They also said that an NJSP major personally called on Bergen County Police Chief Brian Higgins to address the issue during a meeting last week.

Jeanne Baratta, the chief of staff for Bergen County Executive Kathleen Donovan, said that Higgins was handling the matter. She told CLIFFVIEW PILOT earlier this afternoon that she was trying to determine what happened, and how it was handled, for this story.

A text message was also left for Higgins at 11:30 a.m. and again at 3:50 p.m.

Besides questions about the incident, CLIFFVIEW PILOT was trying to determine why a county police officer was apparently stopping a motorist on the Turnpike, where State Police have jurisdiction.

State Police Lt. Stephen Jones this afternoon said that he couldn’t divulge much about the incident because it was still being investigated.

He did tell CLIFFVIEW PILOT that “there was an incident involving a uniformed trooper who stopped at the scene of a New Jersey Turnpike roadside arrest by plain-clothed Bergen County Police officers using an unmarked minivan.”

Jones added that the May 31 dust-up “occurred against the backdrop of three reports of police imposters wearing tactical vests performing armed robberies and carjackings in North Jersey using unmarked vehicles.”

He also said: “We have contacted Bergen County and both agencies are looking into the interaction.”

According to multiple sources with direct knowledge of the incident, the trooper approached the Dodge Caravan — which was equipped with police strobes — on the southbound shoulder of the Turnpike near the George Washington Bridge 11 days ago.

Approaching the vehicle, the trooper — who is assigned to the Newark barracks — reported spotting a man wearing a tactical vest and no visible badge outside the van, the sources told CLIFFVIEW PILOT.

The trooper reported that he held his weapon to his side for caution and ordered the man to show ID. READ MORE....





Jerry DeMarco

Gerard J. DeMarco

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Registered: 12/09/06
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Multiple sources? LOL. This is why people hate cops. I'm sure the Bergen guys didn't appreciate getting approached with demands of ID and a gun just as the trooper didn't appreciate the fellas stomping on SP turf. The words that were had should have stayed on the shoulder of that roadway. Why run back to hq and cause a stink over absolutely nothing?
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Registered: 12/11/08
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Originally Posted by rollingrock9
Why run back to hq and cause a stink over absolutely nothing?

This shyte happens all the time.

And if you're in soft clothes it's something you really ought to be aware of.

The stop is run by the guy wearing the bag.

I guess these guys never learned that.

"The Answer Is There Is No Answer."

Registered: 05/19/07
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The Bergen guy instructed p/t at the academy, I'm not surprised by this.

Registered: 02/05/06
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It's very sad that this made it to the news paper. We are our own worst enemy. This kind of stuff doesn't need to be put out there for the public.
"This $hit is Chess not checkers!" - Best advice I've gotten on this job.

Registered: 07/01/06
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I worked with Bobby Duboue before he went to BCPD & he was a damned good cop then.
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Registered: 06/07/13
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Sounds like the north version of the Florida Highway Patrol vs Miami PD debacle.

Registered: 12/27/06
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Or the BCPD guys could have NOT been Dou@he$! Just saying......
"The Beatings will continue until Morale Improves"

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Registered: 08/18/06
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I agree with rolling rock. This encounter should have never left the turnpike. I can see the trooper getting pissed because his adrenaline was probably through the roof thinking s***'s about to go down and he just rolled up on suspects he was told to BOLO for.

Then on the other hand of the Bergen County PD Officers its tough for any cop conducting law enforcement action to be told to stand down (even for a second to prove who they are). Tough situation I get it, I get the shouting match it fully understandable with adrenaline that high. But keep it off of paper for GOD SAKES and laugh about it later.

Registered: 03/13/12
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The BC guys are totally at fault.  I worked in plain clothes for many years and always had my badge displayed while taking action.   If I ever was approached by a uniformed officer I would immediately id myself.  The UNIFORM is always in charge until the dust clears.  The BC should have reached out through dispatch as a courtesy to the SP to let them know what was going on.  The Turnpike is the jurisdiction of the NJSP.  Two and three against one and the BC guys act tough.  They are a bunch of tools for acting that way. I do agree it should have never left the TP and should have been settled right there, but there was the dash cam.  Just my two cents.
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