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Registered: 06/18/04
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Just some CA terminology

11-99 is Officer needs Assist.

Code 3 is emergency response


2 officers shot in Fresno 911 ambush - FPD OIS First 7 mins.

Three may keep a secret, if two of them are dead. -
Ben Franklin

Registered: 06/15/04
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Great post Lou. Any update on officer condition?

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damn, that was intense. best of luck to those officers!

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wow that was crazy.... what happen to the officers?? did they make it?


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Registered: 07/27/06
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Article & Video at http://abclocal.go.com/kfsn/story?section=local&id=4864256

Fresno Police Officers Shipman and Messick Return to Work-after being shot by James Lunsford in October during ambush


by Debra Steele 12/19/2006 - Some very proud moments for the Fresno Police Department as Chief Jerry Dyer welcomes back two officers who were wounded in the line of duty. The Chief says it was their quick thinking that got the two of them out of that situation alive, and their dedication to the community that's bringing them back to work.


Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer says, "We are grateful they chose this profession. They don't have to do what they do and they chose every night to go out there and put their life of the line so that folks in the community can sleep at night" Officers Trevor Shipman and Officer Daniel Messick were both shot back in October as a gunman holed up at the San Jose Villa apartments in Fresno opened fire on them. Police describe the attack as an ambush.


Shipman was shot several times and Messick was shot once in the leg. On Tuesday, police released dispatch tapes on which Officer Shipman can be heard saying, "I need units now to Brawley and San Jose, I've been hit multiple times . . . I need two ambulances, I need one for me and one for 5 Henry, we've both been hit, I've taken about 3 or 4 rounds."


Officer Shipman says it all happened so fast. "It's kind of nerve racking you have tons of adrenaline you have a little bit of anger a little bit of fear kid of angry that somebody would ambush you like that and then retreat back inside where you can't see them or see what happened or not even know where the shots were coming from."


The gunman, 25 year old James Lunsford shot and killed himself inside of his apartment. Officer Shipman was hospitalized for several days and Officer Messick was treated at the hospital and released.


Shipman says the shooting does not dampen his desire to protect and serve. "If anything its added to my drive my ambition of going out and catching criminals and being proactive and helping the community and everything like that."


Chief Dyer says Officer Daniel Messick returned to work yesterday to light duty in the department's Property and Evidence Section.


Officer Trevor Shipman returns to work on Tuesday full time patrolling the streets of Northwest Fresno.

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Glad to hear it all turned out well for the officers!


Registered: 06/14/04
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That dispatcher did an awesome job.


Too often that doesn't get said.


Registered: 07/04/04
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I forwarded that as a training tool to my department and dispatchers. Everybody keeping their heads and their cool in the middle of that was very impressive.




Registered: 04/03/05
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The dispatcher did a good job very calm


Registered: 06/16/04
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- Trevor Shipman and Daniel Messick were the officers who responded to a 911 call early Thursday morning. That's when they were ambushed and rushed to the hospital with gunshot wounds. Police say the suspect wrote a note just hours before taking his own life. One officer, Trevor Shipman is still in the hospital.

Cleaning crews, not police, are now on the scene at the apartment complex. But, details are still coming out about what lead to one man's bizarre confrontation with officers.

Police say that the suspect, James Lunsford, made several calls to 911 (you can listen to the calls below). Police say he called giving what investigators now say was a bogus story in an effort to lure officers to his townhouse in northwest Fresno.

Police now say it was Lunsford who may have been depressed, shooting Officers Trevor Shipman and Daniel Messick, and sparking a nearly eight hour standoff, before Lunsford shot himself.

Police say the two officers were in the worst possible position when the shooting started. They were just beyond a nearby gate with walls on three sides and the bullets coming from above.

Both Trevor and Daniel understand how fortunate they are to be alive today. Fresno Police Chief Jerry Dyer credited officers and dispatchers for handling Wednesday's chaos. Dyer says Lunsford still had ammunition to spare when he died, and investigators found a note written just hours before the shooting began.

The note talked about Lunsford's past drug and alcohol abuse and was written as a letter of apology to his loved ones.

Just minutes after Thursday's shooting, the suspect made a chilling call to 911. On the tape you'll hear gunshots and the dispatcher trying to stop this violent encounter.

You can listen to the 911 calls in their entirety by clicking on the video player to the left or by clicking below:
Just Added: This is the initial call placed to 911 and subsequent calls that began the entire ordeal. This is a collection of calls resulting from the initial contact and is about 7 minutes long all together.
SWAT Standoff: Initial 911 Calls

“Sometimes a guy will go down, and I'll let him scream a bit to destroy the morale of his buddies, then I'll use a second shot.”
- Unnamed Marine Scout/Sniper in Fallujah, Iraq
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